Need music need some sites-program to copy with plx1210a-how to do? appreciate help use nero 5.5…it’ll do the trick, and then some…

In no particulair order:

Should I continue? Or did you mean programs to search for music?

you can try here

do I copy mp3 first then to cd-all new to me. What does nero actually do. Be patient I m learning. I downloaded to disc a long while back called a file called DeCSS ??? supposed to decode DVD I think?

Well it depends on what you want to do with the mp3 files. Do you want to play them on your normal audio player? If so you need to convert the mp3 files to standard audio files. Nero (and all other programs) will do this automatically. Start Nero and a wizard will pop-uo. Choose audio disc and drag&drop your mp3 files. Then simply write the disc. That’s it.

If you want to keep your mp3 as mp3 so you can play them on an mp3-player you need to write the disc as data. Just try some things. Nero is very easy to use with the build-in wizard function and it also has language files so you can use it in your own language. For downloads check