Music's Brighter Future?

Say guys sorry to bore you lot again, over at (link here with sub links= news of the day for november 9, 2004, an interesting article, appeared in the dated 28th october 2004,(I regret to inform this article is a premium link and fees and charges apply at website unles doom9 link used ) In this article, the bar graph shows the small independent labels control what appears to be less than 28% of the music and entertainment market. Curiously, according to the article, the number of available music tracks online has fallen from 1.1 billion to 800 million(ifpi figures?). The articles shows the a rather interesting graph in respect to continuing sales relative to release year, and shows that baby boomers continue to remain the dominant force, but all the resources remain to target the wrong groups in style and content(a local small independent record label targeting the pre school and pre teenage group using artists like the Wiggles(large sales locally and internationally with the new US totally sold out in advance) etc, routinely achieves sales greater than AUD$120 million annually for this group alone in Australia(the major labels totally ignore this group, which is the same age group for your mccrappy meal, man are they stupid) It also, goes on to say perceptually that post '95 music is deemed pretty crappy by the music audience at large and remains very weak in the back catalog sales and for the most part is a one hit wonder(one executive stated that two thirds of the major labels profits from back catalog music sales) Curiously whilst the major labels main marketing force both barrels are totally aimed at the teenage group, and the main purchasing sector, the baby boomers choice and style is basically ignored , with only the rare occaisonal new release album off audience target striking accord with this group. Listening to the latest round hip hop crap be it eminem etc on MTV, to my tired old ears they all sound totally boring out of sync and musically out of tune. Feel free to complain whinge or other regarding my boring diatribe, it is still a free world yet, still the article in the economist, makes for interesting reading about the state of music today.