MusicNow and Best Buy offer versatile music download service

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 GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about an alliance between MusicNow Download Store and  electronics retailer Best Buy. The joint service will eventually feature  kiosks at...
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Limited number od lyers and DRM. How versatile van you be. I will only use a service that supports all players and does not use WMA and DRM. :frowning: I know the RIAA doesn’t like it, but I’ll stick to Weblisten and Allofmp3. The freedom I want is availbale outside the US only. Inside the US you pay ten times more and get far less.

In-store kiosks are an interesting twist…but paying $20 for 20 songs, and I don’t even get a real, non-lossy, non-DRM CD?! You can at least argue that 99 cents for a song downloaded at home is worth the extra money for the convenience, but if I’m going to a store, there’s no way I’m paying more and getting less. I will keep buying used (and non-RIAA) CD’s until they either go broke or I decide to throw-in the towel and become a hermit. :wink:

Err, that should $20 for 20 songs.

Gah, your script keeps eating some of my words!!! I’ll spell it out this time without symbols: Err, that should be twenty dollars for twenty songs.