MusicNet, Pressplay close to deal with biggest record labels

I just posted the article MusicNet, Pressplay close to deal with biggest record labels.

Downloading music is an activity of many internet users nowadays and most of the downloaded software is not paid for. After a long time the record industry woke up and the services MusicNet and…

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they are absolutely crazy to believe that anybody would even consider using them! I read about MusicNet and Pressplay half a year ago and I used to laugh, and I still can’t stop laughing at their stupidity. who the hell is going to pay for restricted content? even if they reach the agreement and will offer all available songs on the market, the files will still be restricted/in need of certificates or whatever. so why do it? start kazaa, set filter to “at least 320 kbs” and type the name of the song. no visa card necessary :wink: