MusicNet as a rental service for mp3 files



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MP|3 used our newssubmit to tell us about an article on Newsbytes with more information on the legal version of Napster called MusicNet. This is a service by the major record labels where you can…

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man there is some greedy motherfuckers in this would…renting digital information… whats next a tax on the air we breath?


You cannot compare renting a video to having a song in your music collection. You can only watch a film four or five times before you get bored of it, that’s why renting is a good idea. However, you can listen to a CD hundreds (if not thousands) of times and still not get bored of it. I don’t think this service will be popular because they are placing fundamental restrictions on what you can do with music you have already paid for. The fact that you can’t play music after you stop subscribing is outrageous. That would mean you’d have to pay $15 (or however much they decide to charge in the future) indefinitely just to listen to your own music. Let’s say you stop subscribing after three years. All the music you would have collected would suddenly disappear and you would be left with nothing. If you’d spent that $15 buying a CD each month, you’d have 36 more CDs in your collection to keep forever. Furthermore, if you can only access music when you subscribe, why are there any restrictions on the amount of music you can download? And what if you want to put the music on your MP3 player? Will they allow this, and will they place restrictions on how many times you can play a song? Also, programs like Total Recorder with its virtual sound driver can easily defeat the protection to make an unprotected WAV file. In short, MusicNet can go fuck itself.