Musicmatch won't recognise burner?



Asking this question on behalf of my son.
He wants to burn a CD with a bunch of songs from Musicmatch.
He is using the latest free edition and everything goes smoothly up until the point that he is ready to create the disk.
He is trying to burn it to the networked burner in my PC (Liteon 451s) but Musicmatch will not recognise that the burner is present, even though it is mapped as a network drive?
Does the Musicmatch program just not support networked resources of is there something I am missing?
Both PCs are operating on XP Pro SP1


You can’t burn to a writer that’s shared as a drive over the network. Network burning software exists, but doesn’t provide burn capabilities from any burning program you care to install on a remote system - it’s more of a client/server system, where you set up a disc on your machine using the client, which is then passed to the server for burning.

Burning over the network itself would be fraught with difficulties because of the possible latency and lack of bandwidth. It’s hard enough to burn files located somewhere on the network rather than on a local drive without caching (which many burning programs do automatically for network files).

If this is a regular need, why not put a CD-RW drive in your son’s computer? It won’t cost you much.



Thanks for the advice.
I’ve burned things over the network before, it’s just that in the past the source has been remote rather than the burner.
Guess it doesn’t work in reverse?
Yes, I could put a burner in my son’s computer, but I think in the short term I will just install the program on mine and burn the disc.