MusicMatch Player does not recognize audio tracks

It is NOT the problem to copy or backup the CD (Malkasten “Club” Mix). Because I have all my music on my computer (about 400 CD´s) I want to convert the tracks to mp3 and store them on my HD. When I start WinAmp it does not recognize the tracks on the CD. When I look on the CD with the Explorer, there are no audio files. There is a software CD player on the disk that automaticly starts when I put the CD in my computer. Can anybody help me to copy the audio tracks to my computer and convert them into mp3?

can you reword your question then i can probably answer it

Your CD is copyprotected; since there’s a software player, it’s likely to be Cactus Data Shield protection. Check the sticky topic in the audio forum about how to get around audio protections.

What do you mean with “reword” … describe the problem in an other way?
By the way, I solved the problem with the “post it” method.
Thanks anyway!

Thanks for your support, I solved te probem with the “post-it” trick.