MusicMatch Blocks Autorun.inf

Problem Area: Application Deployment
Frequency of problem: Always Happens
Operating system / version: Win2k and Windows XP

My Company develops enhanced music CDs for fortune 100 companies.
Our Disc’s invariably have both a data session and an audio sessions confoming to the multisession standards. As a result of the Audio Session on the CD-ROM, we have been seeing an increase in the number of programs that take over the control of a users CD/CD-ROM drive before our software get a chance to load.

Although I admire the dedication on the part of the developers, it causes us a lot of frustration because many of our users never get to the multimedia on our disc. Winamp, Musicmatch and Itunes interrupts the auto launch of the data session and our product never runs.

the iTunes installed qttask.exe and iTunesHelper.exe watch the cd and stop the disk from using any other program.

Some have directed me to the old notion of having a pre-gap before the audio session…

I was wondering if there were any provisions available in the format of the CD or configuration of the autolaunch file that would resolve this.

Here is the challenge. Microsoft Tech Supports says NO.

Can you guys refute them?


Press the shift key while inserting the CD and the autorun.inf file won’t even be read. Plus it can be permanently disabled by editing some key in the registry. And only windows checks for the autorun.inf file, other OS don’t.

Your best option is to inform your customers of this issue and tell them to execute manually a file on the CD, like most companys do.