MusicMatch and burned CDs



First of all I’d like to say hello to everyone on the forums, or at least anyone that reads the newbie forums. Secondly, I have a question regarding MusicMatch and burned CDs. I have had bad experiences in the past with MusicMatch Jukebox but figured any bugs or glitches would have been worked out by now. It would seem that the problems of the past weren’t just glitches because the same thing is occurring now. Before installing MusicMatch I could play burned audio CDs on my computer with no problems whatsoever. After installing MusicMatch the discs continues to spin in the drive without any sign of stopping and no data being read. Normal CDs that I have purchased have no problems at all being read and played on the computer with MusicMatch installed and burned CDs are read just fine on my other computers. Am I overlooking something or does this happen to a lot of people? Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.


it can be many things…have you try to read the with another software?..
Say…Foobar2000, simple, easy, powerfull!

i hope give you same clue…


I’m sorry for not clarifying before, but the problem’s not just that MusicMatch won’t read the CDs; the problem is the CDs aren’t read at all. The drive I have the CD in shows up as empty or it says that the CD is corrupted. I don’t think I want to risk putting MusicMatch on another computer of mine just to test my theory either.


Maybe the CD-ROm is dead…is it old? Or can you install the drive in another computer…
Check out System, Hardware, if there is any conflict hardware…
Does it reads software, for instance? If so, it´s a software problem…
Personaly, i give up read CD Music on the computer, except MP3…
Also, did you check if the audio cable between the CD.ROM and Motherboard is connected…if not you can use the Jack output of the cd! ( if there is one)…

Good Luck!


I think what has happened, Music Match has made itself the default handler for any and all audio files. But, it may be lacking a codec to play those files on the cd.
Perhaps try media player classic and let it associate with all the audio files. Also there are codec packs if it says you need a particular codec.


Thanks to everyone for their support, but I think Mordorr was right about the drive just being old. After trying data CDs and burned data CDs it seems that the drive is just touchy about which CDs it wants to read. I’ve probably tried at least 20 CDs–some data, some music, some burned, some not–and gotten about half to work. It could just be time to swap the drive out. Thanks for your help guys.