Musicians question cheaper CDs and effect on royalties

I just posted the article Musicians question cheaper CDs and effect on royalties.

Savannah used our news submit to tell us about an article in the Rolling Stone News , that says artists are worried about the net effect on their royalties if labels such as Universal lower…

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Well as we all know the Record Companies are a bunch of parasites anyway, so why should we expect them to act fairly towards the artists whose talent they have been exploiting now?:r

Re-negotiate your contracts ya’ll, and if the record co.s don’t release their greedy grasping grip on you, then no recordy recordy. It’s all right for the big names out there, but the smaller artists that’ll never become big need more cash in their pockets; and what with the parasitical governments of this world picking your pocket with their taxes, the last thing you need is the record companies doing the same.

I have absolutely no sympathy for someone who signs a contract to get what they want then bitches about the terms when they figure out that the person who offered the contract is getting more than their share. They had the option to go indie but they decided to let someone else do the grunt work. One day people will realize that artists are not victims. They are spoiled brats that are biting the hand that feeds them.

an old adage states that “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”…these artists are just squeaky wheels…and to be frank, if a lot of their music didn’t sound as such they wouldn’t be in this situation…:X