Musician to Napster judge: Let my music go

I just posted the article Musician to Napster judge: Let my music go.

While the media reports more and more about the actions record labels take to protect their products, the consumers gets more and more annoyed.

Now also artist speak out and it seems they also…

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Anyone remember back before Linkin Park and Afroman had record deals? When both their debut CDs came out, i had already heard most of their music. They were both bands. The studios simply cannot abide MP3 not because of piracy. It’s because they use their chokehold on distribution to force unfair contracts on artists. If artists can get their sound out to the world without the record labels then the record labels aren’t really needed. The only thing record labels offer is exposure and marketing. In return they take all the profits. Afroman and Linkin Park went to the studios with a proven sound. They didn’t need studio marketing and thus, the studios couldn’t fuck them the same way they do everyone else.

Well said, Phrogster. I couldn’t have put it better myself:).

Yep!!! Quite agree! And the sooner these greedy gets are taken out of the equation the better for all concerned. The costs are kept artificially high by these greedy non do-gooders and I’m not surprised sales are dropping - but it HAS taken a long time for the public to wake up to this hasn’t it? Greetz all… :8

Alright geezerz ! Augustus . . sadly, da so called public hasn’t woken up - ie, 9 year old girls are still buying shite payed 4 by their innocent parents. Only more savvy geezerz like us are wide awake. Da publix education still has a long long way to go - tha record industry knowz dis too and so will milk tha udder until da sucka bleeds - and then . . well they’ll probably sell da blood ! Laterz … . :4

said it before…gunna say it again…Time these fence sitting artists got together, pissed off the recording studio arselickers…and formed a co-op releasing their owm music…I’m sure we would see better music and more talent…:7