MusicCity Morpheus 1.3.1

I just posted the article MusicCity Morpheus 1.3.1.

CestLaVie told us MusicCity has released a new version of their famous file sharing tool Morpheus.

What´s new:

This Updated Version 1.3.1 offers a family controller that allow…

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It’s a copy of KaZaA still prefer KaZaA

Kazaa 1.3.1 has SPyware!!! if you uninstall the spyware it wont work!! I tried Morpheus 1.3.1 and it is spyware free!!

Another good client is grokster.I think we should all stop using Kazaa since the program is disabled if you remove the spyware.

same problem here. If i uninstall the spyware from KaZaA, the program doesn’t work anymore. That’s lame! Use grokster now…

if you were to uninstall the whole program of kazaa, redownload the newest version, you would see that you have the option (like in grokster) to eliminate the spyware files from installin onto your compy -FuR1OuS of FuR1OuS Inc.

FuR1OuS -> have you tried that? Well I did… when I install it without spyware, KaZaa crashes when you load it

KaZaa & Grokster ->

Actually I have tried it, and it works just fine. .: FuR1OuS :.

If u uninstall the KaZaa proggy the spyware still works!! Wowee… :slight_smile: Thanks KaZaa.

Well I came across a fix for this, I’ll type it in as follows ==> This took me ages to hunt down - a working crack for kazaa Here’s what you do. You must follow the instructions exactly. 1. Uninstall any previous versions of KaZaa, Morpheus, Grokster 2. Clean out any existing spyware with Ad-Aware 3. Download the latest version of KaZaa (1.3.2) from 4. Install KaZaa carefully and make sure you uncheck all the additional spyware. Don’t worry cydoor gets installed 5. Now run Ad-Aware again to get rid of cydoor 6. Download this patch 7. Unzip KaZaa132crk.exe where you installed KaZaa 8. Run the patch, and voila KaZaa with no spyware and no ad-banners!