introduces new way of p2p networking

I just posted the article introduces new way of p2p networking…. has introduced a new service to their users. It is called Morpheus and they say it’s the most advanced P2P application ever developed.

The Morpheus™

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Music city now no longer supports the open nap platform as well so all the old p2p programs you used that logged into music city will no longer work with it.

I don’t know about you guys, but this application is identical with KaZaA as far as I’m concerned! It is exactly the same in every detail, only with another logo! :4

crap program. just downloaded it and I’m now wishing I hadn’t wasted my precious bandwidth. bunch of corporate arse. :r

its a piece of shit, it crashed on the first search on my win2k

I didnt have a problem with it, the search was considerably quicker than napster when I tried. Its is just like KaZaA though i agree :4

no. I still think it is crap. been trying to play with it all afternoon, and you can’t even resume files!!! what an ass. if I can give anyone some advice. don’t bother. keep using winmx or something, :8

Has MusicCity teamed up with KaZaA? In KaZaA you can now download from users at MusicCity!!! The specs of Morpheus are quite simular to the KaZaA features. Morpheus even operates with Supernodes exactly like KaZaA. Whatis going on? Looks promising!! :wink:

Music city has just licenced kazaa. It says so somewhere in the program. “Technology Licenced From Zazaa.” The program is exactly the same, so I don’t know what is so advanced about it. Also you can’t run them both at the same time so I had to uninstall this one.

I’m unhappy with musiccity. They were the only open servers left… now… we don’t have a big, open network anymore… just small single servers… :frowning: Where is the big opennap network?