kinda a add on 2 previous ? i have dl the media player in past and paid for alot of the music then they sold out 2 rhapsody and i had not converted it 2 mp3 and now i can’t hear it in media player …i have sound taxi but can’t move it …is this music now gone tks to MS? so sad had a ton of music? tks again for help u guys r the bomb

Sorry its not really clear what the problem is. Do you mean you paid for music files with digital rights management, and now they won’t play?

There are several vendors that went under. One of them, seems like it was MS, but I’m not sure, shut down their servers in November or December. I remember seeing bulletins notifying everyone to convert the music before the authentication was shutdown. Bottom line, if the authentication servers are no longer running, then you can no longer access or use the files.