hey im not sure if this is a good place for this topic but ill try anyway.
i just wanna know if any body here knows how to make an instrumental or acappela of a song.please dont say its not possibel caus it is i just dont no howXD.if u know please feel free to share it with me:D

Love to help but never heard of this one. If it can be done, someone here will know how to do it.

Good Luck.

Just don’t sing while you are recording??? :stuck_out_tongue:

You are correct, it can be done. All you need is a multi-channel copy of the song (not easy to find). This way you can remove or turn off the channels that you do not want, such as the voice, and re-record. But, this can not be done with CD-Audio, MP3, etc… These are just recordings of the original multi-channel that have been mixed down to ‘stereo’. You can not convert a CD-Audio track into a ‘karaoke’ style music only tack without losing a LOT of the music too.

how do i no when its multi channel