Music Videos Conversion Quality

Hey all, i recently got the Metallica DVD “The Videos” :slight_smile: and i’m just wondering what program can i use to convert the music videos from .vob to a decent size file like 60-80mb each. I tried winAVI 7 but they the file size gets really small (20mb) and the quality is terrible.

Help would be appreciated


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you mean keeping the video and audio, rather than ripping the audio separately, then you could try AutoGK or FairUse Wizard (as an alternative search for Celtic Druid version of FUW, which is completely free).

cool thanks mate i’ll give it a try

One extra tip for this before you use AutoGK etc.
Use SmartRipper, click settings and select file splitting to "Every Chapter"
This helps to rip each chapter, which is usually equivalent to a track from a music DVD into a separate .vob file, so it makes the conversion process easier.