Music video question



I bought some music videos that someone made on a dvd and i was wondering if i can seperate the videos out of the dvd and the make my own with my dvd maker program. I believe i have to make videos files to do this and was wondering if and how to do it.

thank you


Basically you need to rip the contents to your HD (with DVD Decrypter for example), then edit/crop/re-author the files with your “DVD maker program” (which is ??)… :slight_smile:


You can use Chopper XP to extract segments from dvds and then use any dvd authoring programs to make your own dvd. Heres a free one you can use Its called GUI for dvdauthor.


Hey thanks sikoone, you give me an answer to a question I had, before I had the time to post it yet :bow: ("is there a free authoring tool that actually WORKS?)