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I have a few cassette tapes and albums that I would like to record to cd, the only problem is that it records to one large mp3, is there a program out there that can break them down to tracks, so I can skip from one song to another instead of fast foward through the entire disc. :eek: thanks

MP3 DirectCut can do that.

MP3 DirectCut can do that.
Will it actually detect the silence between tracks automatically & split the file?

If you have Nero you can use Nero wave editor to cut the recording into individual tracks.
If you haven’t got Nero there are a number of other programs that can do this for you.
I personally use creative software for this task which came with my sound card. You can also remove hiss, rumble and clicks from your recordings if necessary.

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Try Audacity. Supposed to work well.

Yes, it can detect the silence but that may take some fine tuning of DirectCut’s ‘threshold’ setting. I usually just use the graph to find the spots to cut at. That way you can add the name(s) to the cue sheet and get your ID3 tags automatically written.

PS it does it without re-encoding, unlike Audacity or Nero.

I usually just use the graph to find the spots to cut at.
I’ve done that with Goldwave, but that gets to be a pain when working with one hugh file & editing individual tracks.

I used ECDCreator in the past for auto detect tracks, which worked pretty good, but that pgm. no longer works with my current setup. I do have Nero though, I will have to play with that one a bit.

Thanks for the info.
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I use Audacity and Wave Repair for that, depending on what mood I’m in.
Audacity is available as a free download, and Wave repair comes with a free 30 day trial. If you are uploading from tape or vinyl, you’ll definitely need to remove background hiss, crackles etc. I tend to think that Wave Repair is a bit better for editing the wave files in detail, while Audacity will give you a quicker noise removal.
You can split inidvidual track with both - but again I prefer to do that in Wave repair. It is much easier to do basic editing, such as noise removal, while you have one big file though.

I have used Wavecorrector ,, for several years and have been very pleased with results from accomplishing these tasks. It is excellent for separating music selections, correcting tape hiss and removing LP noise. I think it only works with wav format.


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