Music to CD-Writers' ears

I just posted the article Music to CD-Writers’ ears….

The Register writes about the new technology from AOpen CDRW1232 CD-R/W drive.

New technology from AOpen promises to deliver faster CD writing, with fewer errors. Engineers at the company…

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I’ve got one and it works perfect

don’t mind me but this article is more than a little similar to

04/01 - New technology gives faster writing…

don’t you think - LOL

have anybody get any “ilegal copy” message in cds burned with feurio ?
do you now how to stopt it ?

I Own a Plextor 1210A FW1.07

And CloneCD keeps reporting it doesn’t support Read SubChannel Data from the Data Track and also on the audio track ???

But in the Supported CD-R(W)'s it says It can do it ???

Do i own a Bad drive, or ???
(It does all the rest perfect)

I thought Just Link was invented by Ricoh???


Vesa Hurmalainen

Don’t know where I saw it, but isn’t it true that Plextor has adapted BURN-PROOF © Sanyo to ADVANCED BURN-PROOF, so that their gaps is also 2 microns in stead of 40 microns, so that the technical step to produce a 16x - 20x burner becames easier to overcome (the gap stays smaller than 40 microns, thus cd is compatible with cd standards)??? Correct me if I’m wrong…

only 3 negative pounts about this thing

  1. it`s not a plextor
  2. it`s a-open JAK JAK JAK
  3. it`s IDE

ha ha check the date!! from my last message??

Millenium Bug??

I want to buy the
aopen 32x12x10 IDE drive.

is this tech already in it?

any idea’s

where’s the forum?

Feurio has a very tricky protection system. Find a good serial, if you can, or just run it in demo-mode. It never expires and doesn’t have any additional functions if you register.