Music stutters

This is my first post. While I am playing Mp3 or itunes type music, every so often the music stutters. When that happens, the light on my CD Rom drive lights up. The stutter stops, and the music continues. After a few more minutes, the music stutters again and the CD Rom drive lights up, even there is no CD in either drive. Sometimes, when I am playing a CD, the stutter occurs and the CD stops playing, but then it might continue on the next track.

My question is, is there something that may be causing the IDE channel to send a signal through the secondary channel every so often, that would cause the stutter, even on MP3/non-CD playback? I have checked all the obviuous things. I’m using 80 wire cables on both channels. Cables are secure, etc. Could something in the Dell system be polling the secondary drive on occasion?

I have a NEC NR-7800A CD-RW drive hooked up as slave and my brand new Benq 1620A (I/O magic flashed to Benq) set as master This problem occured before the Benq was installed. The stutter finally has gotten to me.

I have questions about the Benq 1620 experience (lots of coasters, but I think I finally figured things out) but I will post at another time regarding the BenQ.

Anyone experience the stutter?

What program are you using? Use another program for a bit to see if it still happens. If it doesn’t happen, someone must’ve changed the settings in your current program to check your CD drive for data every few minutes/seconds. Try Winamp.

Lemme guess, you have and old P3 comp or Athlon (~700-1.3Ghz)?

No, the computer is getting old by today’s standards…Dell P4 1.8 GHZ 512 meg RDRAM, GeForce3 Ti200… but not a PIII…not that there is anything wrong with a PIII!

Currently, I am using Nero 6.6 Express on a clean install after doing the uninstall of Roxio Easy CD and an older version of Nero and turning off Windows burning services. I used all the cleaning tools available and delelted various files as suggested on the forums.

The stutter was there before the new software and the new DVD burner, possibly as long as I have had the computer. It never bothered me before because I was not into DVD burning at the time. DVD burning seems a bit more touchy. It just seems like something is sending a signal through the IDE controller to the drives. Maybe that would account for the “reset error occurred” messages I got with the Benq 1620. Actually, when the resets occured, not only did the burn stop, but the light on the NEC drive flashed too, like it was being given a command or instruction from the controller. Maybe my problem is at the IDE controller level on the Dell. I will do some Dell posts. I do think they are related. I’ve seen so many posts on this site that discuss the “reset occurred” problem, that maybe others are having the same problem and it is not related to Nero, Benq, or whatever.

I was hoping that with all the attention everyone on this forum pays to IDE, that possibly someone had stumbled on the same problem. I guess I will look for some software that identifies the IDE chipset. Maybe there is some kind of software out there that monitors activity over the IDE shannels. I will post if I find something out about this. Thanks

Well, old southbridges by VIA (686A/686B) had serious issues with PCI performance while accessing ATAPI drives and caused major stuttering and these were mainly used in older P3 and Athlon computers…

I may have found my problem. After searching for a couple of hours, I stumbled on a post that talked about problems with Creative’s Media player and Disc Detection. My Dell came pre-loaded with this software and I actually use it most of the time to play CD’s. I like it better than Media Player. Anyway, I did not realize this, but even though I thought I had autoplay turned off for my optical drives, the setting was not completely turned off in the Creative Player. I found a setting in Control Panel. There is an icon there for controlling Creative Player. Auto Play was not checked, but in the drive select box, both my D: and E: drives had check marks next to them. I de-selected both of these and I got a message that I needed to re-boot the computer. Since that reboot, I have not had the random stuttering and drive lights lighting up by themselves. I am hoping that this is the final solution. Now I can get back to burning DVD without making all those coasters. Hopefully, this is what was causing all of my “reset occured” errors during DVD burning with the Benq DW-1620A drive. If I find out something different, I will post again.

Thanks to all for your help!

I would like to post a follow-up to my original post on the chance that it might help someone else. While I thought my problem was solved, it was not. DVD+R burns went ok but with the occasional coaster. DVD-R burning was basically a disaster. I was even having some trouble with CD-R burning…“disc at once errors” and “Reset Occurred” errors. One thing I noticed was that each time the burn failed, I watched the CD Buffer meter in Nero drop to zero, the Benq1620 red burning light goes green, and my NEC 7800 light glows for about a second. This is typically the same symptoms that occurred when the cd or mp3 I was playing stuttered.

I disconnected the NEC 7800 from the system, and left the Benq1620 alone as master on IDE Channel 2. So, I only have one drive working…the Benq. All is now well with the world. DVD+R and DVD-R work fine. I have not made a coaster since. I have been limiting DVD burning speed in Nero and DVD Decrypter to 4X. Speed is not an issue for me. I’m just happy to get solid burns. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to start using higher speeds, but I was getting low on media and had some projects I wanted to burn.

Anyway, I still need to find out why two burners are having trouble co-existing on IDE Channel 2. It most likely is an issue with my Dell … or maybe the NEC-7800 is the problem. I never had trouble burning CD-R’s with the NEC…or playing CD music! It is almost as if the computer is sending a signal through the IDE cable to poll “who’s there.” It knows the drive that is currently working…but it is checking to see if the idle drive is there. Kind of like a heartbeat. I think that’s what is causing my Benq problems. Again, if I find out something different, I will post my findings.

i had a similair problem with an old 4x DVD-ROM drive, if i used it on the same cable as my 52246s burning was impossible and the 52246s would stutter when reading in cdspeed past the 32x mark, looks like it was some sort of DMA problem the 52246s uses DMA mode 2 and the DVD-ROM uses Multi world DMA mode 2 obviously it caused a problem

@ Mr. Brownstone
It’s the way IDE works…