Music streaming service Spotify still not profitable



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Music streaming service Spotify hasn’t made any profits again in 2013, the revenues of the company did increase with 73.6% but also the operational loss of the company got bigger.

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the music industry is still charging far too much for tracks, while giving far too little to the artists and refusing to give a good alternative themselves. Spotify will end up failing, which is what the industries want but the customers are the ones who will lose the most and the industries dont give a hoot! if they dont make money, as long as no one else is, they think they have won a contest that shouldn’t even be in existence!


Music industry direct products: Not convenient, low portability.
Spotify: Very convenient, but bandwidth consuming.
Pirate Download: Maximum convenience, low bandwidth.

Spotify satisfies the mass market for convenience, the opposite corners to the music industry … I’m not sure why they aren’t working with them …