Music software

This is kind of a different question, not CD-related, but I’m curious what people here consider a good audio/music recording for digital starters. I’ll probably buy a mac sometime in the future, although I’m not sure if I’ll be getting into MIDI so I’m guessing most sequencers (ie Reason) are out. Would it be Protools, then? I’d like something with good mixing capabilities comparable to that of most analog boards with multi EQ. I’m prepared to do some training to get myself acquainted since I know there’s a learning curve involved.

Well you can’t beat Audacity for Price (free) to Performance (Multi track with hundreds of effects, etc.) Ratio. :iagree: Good program to ‘get your feet wet’.

I used Audio Editor by FlexiMusic. It has some more advanced and unique recording options. This software is perfect for the average home users and advanced users.