Music sales down 9.2% in first half of 2002

I just posted the article Music sales down 9.2% in first half of 2002.

And again are music sales down. This time the sales have declined 9.2%. Almost all countries have less sales, except France and Sweden who show still positive sales figures, mainly caused by strong…

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I have no problem with free music, in fact I honor and glorify the file sharers of music. Intellectual data should be allowed to be given out for free. Once again copying and stealing are 2 different things.

Pull your head out of your arse berman, how many times do you have to be told… “GOOD MUSIC AT A DECENT PRICE”…:7

Oh no, we got it all wrong. It is piracy that has decreased the sales of music cds. Hell even the sales of cars, electronics, even the wonderful PC industry. Everything is stolen now and this piracy is the root problem for everything because our best friends at the BSA, MPAA, and RIAA say so. Propaganda :r

alright, I have to post… this really pisses me off… :frowning: I’m going to school right now, I have a job at school which I am not getting paid for yet but will be soon. Even when I do, I’m not going to have enough money to pay for the outrageous prices for music that is out there right now. Now I’m wondering…what exactly is the thoughts of the recording industry? Is it something along the lines of “music is a priviledge, not a right?” That’s sure as hell how they’re acting, when it SHOULD be, music and other forms of entertainment should be all but guaranteed. Without fans, the entertainment industry as a whole will fall. Oh, and for that arguement of “you can’t beat free,” the quality of so called ‘pirated’ entertainment usually isn’t that great…so we usually get a shitty versions of stuff. Even if ‘pirated’ quality is good, I would still buy music to SUPPORT my favorite artists, if the damn prices weren’t so outrageous!! *kicks back in thought…:8 wouldn’t it be nice if this world would be a little more balanced?

Oh, a comment I forgot to put in… These people are politicians… I mean, they’re in bed with the real politicians, so that makes them politicians themselves… anyway… shit… i lost my thought… oh well, that means it’s time to sleep… this stuff is going to drive me to drink…:+

The people who download music from the web are thieves…unlike us guys whow download only songs we like, and if they’re any good, we go buy the CD (right guys?). MP3s don’t beat the sound of a real CD…

This is the only way we can win. Pirate all your music… the RIAA must be punished for their decades of crimes against musicians and consumers… PIRATE ALL YOUR MUSIC!! CRUSH THEM!

I’m fuckin tired of hearing that CD sales are “down 10%” for the year.I wish my porfolio was only down 10% for the year then maybe I’d be able to afford a store bought CD !!!:frowning:

Well, if you don’t have the means to make mp3s out of the cds/tapes/albums you own, and download those songs, then I don’t believe it is piracy. now if the mp3 that you download is out of print and impossible to order, then they shouldn’t be in the piracy catagory either. but if you download a ton of songs just for bragging rights and never intend to support the artists, then that IS piracy, and a lot of people do that since it can be classified as an addiction. i know people that download everything just to have it and they never use 99% of it. if you were in a band, and was about to release your first cd, and somehow it got on the p2p networks and even though you have a number 1 hit, your sales are piddly since “why buy the cd when it is on kazaa for free”, wouldn’t you consider those people thieves - taking ‘possible money of sales’ from your pocket - would you be mad or not care about making a living from your blood, sweat and tears? think about it

i’ve also thought about some of my other posts i made on this subject, such as “Sales are down because there is so much crap out now”. well, that is wrong. just because i don’t like a particular style of music, doesn’t make it crap. ms spears and the like are selling millions of cds, so there must be millions of people that like that style of music and thus, d/l their songs because they like them.