Music recording



I would like to start recording?
Is musicmatch considered any good?
How about transfering my old vinyl,cassettes
or 8-tracks?
Is their any guide to follow?


do you mean making mp3s or actually recording music cds?

musicmatch sucks for everything, here’s a list of the best stuff to use for everything you could want to do:

mp3 player -
all-in-one recording software -
recording software serials -
cd ripper -


Get CoolEdit PRO or CoolEdit 2000! Search the forum and you’ll find some links to the full versions.


yea, cool edit pro is great. Ive made songs using the multitrack feature, and if you have a decent sound card the quality can come out amazing. I also use cool edit pro to get audio from analog sources. good set of filters.


Originally posted by ant
How about transfering my old vinyl,cassettes
or 8-tracks?

When it comes to vinyls and cassettes Spindoctor, included in CD Easy Creator DeLuxe, works fine for me.

Then I use Cool Edit to edit the wav-files.


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