Music Protection

I want to downloaded a protection for my custom music compilation. Does anyone have a site? I download cd protector for but cdprotector doesnt work with music. I heard of something called Musicguard.
I don’t know what it is or where to get it. Can someone tell me if this is the protection im asking for? Because it sounds like it. Oh well, anyways still look at my first post above. Thanks

If you protect your music cd how the hell are people supposed to listen to it? The cd player needs a way of checking the cd, and no current cd players are capable of this, you would be limiting yourself to an audience of people who have cd players capable of checking for an authentic cd. That’s why there are NO PROTECTED MUSIC CD’s.


There acutally ARE protected audio CD´s. No idea how they did it though. There is no way to absolutely protect audio CD´s, if you use the oldfasion way of recording: play cdrom, record though digital audiocable with soundrecording software…