Music Production Laptop -> Lag in Cubase

I’m using a Satellite A215 Laptop to try to product music with Steinburg Cubase using an M-Audio Axiom midi interface and I’m getting an annoying delay between the time I hit the keys and the time the sound is registered.

I spoke to some people who are experienced in doing these kinds of things and they said I might need a better soundcard or something.

Would an external soundcard fix the problem? If so, what kind? PCI? USB? ExpressCard?

2.0GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 Processor
4.00 GB RAM
32-bit Windows Vista

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Before buying a new sound card, can you try the device on another computer, preferably one running WinXP or Win7? Vista wasn’t exactly known for it’s speed or compatibilty, so make sure to eliminate it as the culprit before spending money.

Also, check the device settings both for the USB port it’s plugged into, and the device itself. They may not be configured correctly. Laptops are infamous for having slow or incorrectly configured USB ports, for example.