Music price fixing trial moves one step forward



Music price fixing trial moves one step forward.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Four US music studios must face an antitrust lawsuit filed against them after the Supreme Court ruled it wanted the case to move forward as planned. Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music, and the EMI Group hoped an appeal would toss out the lawsuit focused on Pressplay and MusicNet -- but the case will continue in 2011.

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One would think that the court system should find some humor in all the lawsuits against individuals from both the RIAA/ MPAA in the fact they got caught fixing prices. Applying the same mathematics now reversed, 80,000 dollars per song, times billions of crappy albums, plus a couple of decent ones. Multiply that by roughly 315 million Americans, and they are gone out of existence. Next, let’s go after all 5 media companies.