Music, Pressplay tunes Won't Travel

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We all know file sharing is quite popular as evidenced by Morpheus, KaZaA, etc…

"File-sharing continues unabated, and high-tech solid-state music players are one of the audio industry’s…

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Oh well … It was long ago when DRM for WMA was bypassed so by all means … let it rip ! :d

They just NEVER learn… :slight_smile:

how many people only want to listen to music they bought in front of their PC when for nothing they can get the same music to go? this boat aint gonna float as long as they use protected media :d

I ran across a Spanish Company that does a much better job. They offer legit flat fee downloading of unprotected MP3s an WMAs of top artists. All you have to do is buy a 10$ voucher and you can download anything you want. Something worth checking out [URL=]weblisten . Found at

MP3’s changed the way we attain/listen to music, for good. there is no going back. now that the music listener’s system has changed, SO DO THE CORPORATIONS. We CANT have and old system of business with a NEW system of musical listening. As we have noted AGAIN, they are not changing. they are not learning, nor adapting, and therefore, will die out. Something new must emerge. :7

Ok, so I have a choice of two restaurants I can go to. One is an all you can eat buffet with just about anything you can imagine. You can eat as much as you like and they’ll even let you bring in a doggie bag to take something home with you. The price? All they ask is that you bring in a dish to share. The other restaurant is some dilapidated shack across the street that no one in their right mind would go to. It’ll cost you ten bucks to get in, the menu is limited and when you’re ready to go they make you regurgitate everything you ate before you can walk out the door. Wow, that choice is tougher than I thought…

LOL! Damn the stock of those two companies are going to skyrocket soon, gotta get me some of those, NOT!! Who the hell in their right mind starts/invests in businesses like MusicNet and pressplay. Apparently there’s just no end to some ppl’s stupidity!