Music plays second fiddle to illegal downloads of movies

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  From the city of love, Paris, France comes news of  illegal P2P downloading trends, sure to insult the music industry and send the MPAA into (another)  tailspin.  For the first time, video...
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Phark me…I can see it now in the MPAA barracks…“lock and load people we’re goin’ to war”…:X

I have friends in Europe, and in Aussie, and there are movies that open here, and then dont open there for 3 months, thats in no way fair, Why is it only England and the USA have near to same dates?? Like in Jurrassic Park, Things find there way to evolve, no matter how much you try to surpress it.

I’m not very sure about Jurrasic Park, but I’d concentrate on the ludicrous prices that are charged for a small plastic DVD.

Isn’t it because they use the same reels of film, and so have to wait for US cinemas to stop screening the films before sending them on? Sorry for being so sensible :o

ROFL You people always crack me up. First its CD prices is too high which makes pirating it ok. Now DVD’s are too high same excuse, Damn what 3rd world countrys do you live in? DVD are cheap as piss here. You need to get jobs :wink:

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A lot of us primarily download screeners to make sure the movie doesn’t blow before we go shell out our hard earned cash.And most movies do end up being crap…the same plots over and over again with changing nothing but the stars.

Golga for one thing the majority here don’t think pirating is “OK”. We know it is illegal. However, you are correct in the statement that many do believe CD’s are overpriced. That has been proven in the US with the price fixing lawsuit that the labels lost. Maybe I am mistaken, but most of the comments I see here are from people that think DVD’s are a better value than CD’s. Regardless of what country I live in if I have to earn my money I shall decide what to spend it on. Right now, I think CD’s are a rip off and I am investing in DVD movies because as you say, they can be had for less than a CD. I can often get good movies for USD 7.50. Whereas a CD is hard to find at that price. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Well they would probably want to goto war against a lamer like you. :X You’re probably one of those illegal immigrants who lives off the taxpayer!
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