Music pirates face state, local crackdown in Florida

I just posted the article Music pirates face state, local crackdown in Florida.

cloakdoa used our newssubmit to tell us that a woman in Florida, The United States has been charged with copying of CDs of some of the nation’s hottest markets when she showed up at the Fun Lan…

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This is about cracking down on people who copy and sell, so all is ok. If there was even one word about cracking down on home copying, or copying for free I would say whoever was responsible for it is a horrible person that is a worthless piece of junk that deserves a hard slap in the face. Anyone who would be responsible to try to go after someone copying something in their own home is so worthless that they don’t even deserve to be considered human.

How do you really feel? :wink: actually I totally agree they should go after the resellers.

She’s nothing but a leech, and what do you do with a leech? you dump salt on it.

That news posting was horribly written. I had to control myself reading it. LOL.

Re-selling is bad… we heard this over and over again from previous thread., But doesn’t it fuel the economy also? Ie. W/ out the re-sellers RIAA ain’t form <= New Jobs, Insurance Co. and liability / lawyers section wouldn’t be form <= more new jobs. People that like bitching have a place in society. I thinks its more of a Functionalistic role. :d Devil’s Advocate I spose. Besides those people who do sell others people work end up spending that money on legitament stuff hence the money ends up back to the government and at the end, that’s what the government wants. :4

The real problem is the fact that those who have the power to decide, use these obvious tales of theft to paint a more broader picture and lump everyone in the same boat when it comes to ‘personal’ use backups. In their eyes theft is theft and even though the more elaborate forms of accounting have been ripping off the artists for far more larger sums over the years, it makes a easier target to blame the whole issue on loss of income due to ‘coping’. Whew, was that a legal sentance?

U ppl dont know shit. U think that copyprotections r going to stop pirates. u dont know shit. in balkans there r legal firms that make ilegal CD-s cus there is no law against CD copying ppl SafeDisc Securom Tages Starforce are all bullshit, pay 2500 euros to a pro and u will have ur game in no time. Motoracer 3 exmpl i bought it for 2 euros Celline Dion album 2 euros. Where there is no law there is no criminal.

Should have spent that 2 euros to get yourself a education chump.

gotta love taiwan. its legal there. ofcourse, then youve gotta live in taiwan. :slight_smile: cant imagine that. anyway, i think that Balkan is drunk. im gonna give benefit of doubt, and not assume hes stupid. this article is about ripping off honest local merchants, which is clearly wrong, and not about ripping off the RIAA, which is clearly right. i believe that this fool who took 3700 cds to a lan should rot in jail for a few years.

It’s people like this lady selling CDrs that give legal home copying a bad name. And it’s people like Balkan_CD that gives humanity a bad name.

maybe u ppl didnt know but the minimum monthly sallary in here is 80 euros for a full time job so how do u expect us to buy MS windows for exmpl ppl that make software are stupid and its their fault for the piracy. So ppl have found a way to make money out of others ppl work Exmpl a garage full of equipmeent worth 20000 euros dor CD replication if u make 7000 for a week CDs and sell them for 1 euros each thats 7000x1=7000euros and in no time u are driving a Benz

and oh I forgot why do u need education when u r a doctor PhD and u r wage is 149 euros a month and for exmpl Britney Spears has no education at all and she makes millions Then there is the question why dont I make ilegal CD-s so I can make a better education with the money I get from them See so Britney is helping someone getting a better education Pure Logic carry on