Music pirated fined USD 22,500 per song – expensive KaZaa usage

We’ve just posted the following news Music pirated fined USD 22,500 per song – expensive KaZaa usage

A now 29 year old man is convicted to pay a fine of $675,000 for downloading and distributing 30 songs on Kazaa after a legal battle of almost 10 years.

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Maybe $45 worth of music stollen (at the absolute most), $675, 000 owed… I’ll bet the whole piont of this was not to prevent piracy, but tp make as much monry off Tenebaum as possible. Too bad none of the artists whose music was stolen will get to touch any of it.

A fine over 600000 for sharing 30 songs? The punishment seems to far outweigh the crime.

I know its more than the guy just downloading the songs, but how many people could he possibly have uploaded it to? A digital song is worth about a buck? Even if he uploaded 1000 copies of each song, thats only 30000 dollars?

Here in Canada they were a bit more level headed when they wrote our new copyright law last year. There’s a max fine of 5000 for all infringements. I think it was intended to keep shit like this from happening.

Sony hacker hacks PSN, goes to jail. America hacks a gazillion of computers, even uploads viruses to Iranian power plants and nothing happens.

The stuff that happens to Tenenbaum is in no relation to other crimes.

I wonder how they calculated the fine. And did they consider the amount of money they got from the people who bought the CDs afterwards? And those who just downloaded the songs because they were too lazy to rip them from their purchased CDs?

Sony made rootkit to infect computers…
Sony looks on all consumers as pirates…

I am reminded why I don’t buy Sony goods.
May all their holdings be freely pirated.

May all Sony holdings be worth pirating …
Music these days isn’t worth a pinch of $#!7.

Some days, I turn on the radio and cry.

The government is an avid pursuer of pirates not because they care about big business or because of lobbyists but because pirates give them an excuse to pass laws that make it easier for it to spy on its citizens–like the nonsense they are forcing onto the ISPs.


All this does it further entrench the pirate site and more pirating. Pirating hasn’t lessen but increased and went further underground. If they really fix their so called money making GREED they would actually start to benefit from it but unfortunately the Stone Age has yet to be surpassed in the Music Industry.