Music piracy legal in Denmark

I just posted the article Music piracy legal in Denmark….

In Denmark, gouvernment is thinking about the legalisation of copying music digitally.
Although in the US the RIAA is getting stricter and stricter every day (e.g. the Napter trial), in Denmark they…

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that’s the way it’s supposed to be ´lol´ … :+

Legalising it is great but all those extra taxes sound like a huge pain. Not everyone who owns or buys a computer is getting it to download mp3’s yet they’re all going to have to pay commission to the music industry. Same with CDR’s, why should I pay the music industry when I buy CDR’s when I dont burn my mp3’s onto CD very often. I use my CDR’s for warez not mp3’s :slight_smile: lol. I’m glad the UK government told them to fuck off with taxes on CDR’s. When I’m burning CD’s for work I dont want to be paying the music industry commission on me sending out copies of web sites on CD’s.

Well, I’m from Denmark and I have never heard anything about taxes on computer - only on cdr’s. :d The tax on cdr is going to be 4-5 Dkr (I think it is about 0,5$) - I heard.

As a company you can aviod the taxes on cdr’s if the company’s managing director signs a statement that they will only use the cd’s for data and not music.

it will only be legal to copy music if u own the original!!! In other words, only backup. This is a way for the danish government to collect even more taxes… this sux!

cool this must be a kick in the ass for the anti copying organisations… and that`s what I like most :slight_smile:

No5 - you’re wrong! :r You don’t have to own the original! You can borrow a cd (friend, library etc.) and copy it. :4 It just have to be for personal-use only!. :8

You guys are all wrong. No CDR’s will be taxed. The reason for this is that the computer stores buys so many medias that the taxes will have no effect. Instead they put taxes on the recorders (up to 15-20%). They don’t purchase that many recorders that they can benefit for it even with the taxes on. Regarding to Jansemanden’s reply on copying, he’s right. You are allowed to d/l mp3 music from the net and burn them on cdr’s for home use.

Well, banister, you are Partially right - but how big stocks do you think they have? At some point it has to have an impact, don’t you think? :wink: