Music phones outsell iPods & MP3 players

I just posted the article Music phones outsell iPods & MP3 players.

Much like how the PS3 brought Blu-ray into millions of homes that would not have a Blu-ray player otherwise, MP3-capable phones have taken off to the point where there are now 300 million more…

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Music phones should not be compared to MP3 Players.

This is a crap article. Most phones that play music only let you play the music you buy from the Phone companies at their “cheap” $3 a song prices. Only on some of the newer models have they started letting you put your own mp3s on. On most phones I dealt with, you have to “hack” your phone to get it play your music and ringtones that you make. The phone companies are too busy trying to sell you everything for a premium. This is why phones will never take off as a mp3 player unless the phone companies start changing their minds

wake up man! name some phones which do not let you play your own music? i own the first walkman series phone from 2005. never even thought about buying online. i can’t even recall any dedicated mp3 players which had this ‘feature’