Music pack torrent released containing all of ACS:Law's client works

Music pack torrent released containing all of ACS:Law’s client works.

[newsimage][/newsimage]As part of the continued blow-back caused by the UK law firm ACS: Law, who is sending out massive amounts of threatening letters and taking legal action against file sharers, pirates have now released a new music pack.

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I love it!

Who would have thought people would rebel against the heavy handed tactics of the industry. A smart company would look for ways to convert filesharers to paying customers not attack them. This is just more proof that most of the movie and music industry management are morons that will continue to reduce sales and profits. I’m glad I don’t own any of their stock.

This is right up there with hiring known spammers to sell products on the internet. Yes, I always buy products from people that clog my inbox with spam. DUH, no, it actually has the opposite effect on me as it does on most people.

Should also be pointed out that Chief Master Winegarten - the judge that grants the Norwich Pharmacal Orders - has admitted he doesn’t have the technical knowledge to assess the evidence provided in support of ACS:Law, and others’ applications. Also said that he is disturbed by the fact that no-one has ever been sued despite all the thousands of claim letters sent out.

So my question is pretty simple. Why did he grant them in the first place?