Music on hard drive skipping

Having downloaded some music onto my hard drive and listening to it the first time all was well. However I have found that now going back to the same music it now skips when played (in the same media player)

I am certain that these tracks didn’t skip the first time so I am wondering what the hell is going on? Has the data somehow corrupted itself or something?

Please help

You’ll have to troubleshoot it yourself to find out if it’s your hard drive, the music software (audio codec issue), or the actual mp3 file that’s the problem. If you can play the file on another music program, try it. Use Windows Media Player, or Winamp, or Nero Showtime, or…etc. If it’s fine, then you should try re-installing your program that couldn’t play the file. If the file still skips, try it on a different PC. If it still skips, then it’s probably the file. I doubt it’s your hard drive because if it were faulty, you’d get a read error. Maybe it’s full? You need to leave extra space on your hard drive or it’ll freeze your PC. Try defragmenting it too.

I had a skipping problem with mp3 files.

as a first step I’d suggest defraging your drive, but before you do that let me ramble a bit…

I fixed it by doing what I refer to as a “brute force defrag”

Instead of defragging the files ON the drive, I defragg them OFF the drive

By copying ALL my audio files to a “virgin” (or freshly formatted) drive.

I usually make it a point to run through all the mp3 files being copied for this purpose across my id3 tagger (Tagscanner 5.0) to reset the file dates so they are all the same.

This has the benefit of stacking all the files in alphabetical order by directory (I use artist names) and by numeric order for sub directory names (I use a sequential two digit number followed by album title)
then finally by numeric order for each file (my file names are all “001-Song Title.mp3”) in album play order, so regardless of tags they ARE in the correct order.

The only place the date order shows up is when you have WMP
search your hard drive for media files, and when you do that
WMP prioritizes on date/time stamp.

When doing this you can generally be DAMNED sure that none of the just copied files are “fragmented”, thus avoiding making the computer and/or drive pause and search for the rest of the
file being played.

even an older player like WMP 7.1 won’t skip even if you do something relatively extreem, like opening your browser three or four times while the music is playing:)

My current playable mp3’s are isolated on their own 60gig drive
and they went onto that freshly formatted drive in a single (suprisingly brief) write operation.

Defragging a drive “old school” by letting the computer move things around on the drive to defragg it is like watching paint dry… while someone gives you meth via an IV powered by a pressure washing machine

Simply Moving all the files onto a blank drive accomplishes the same effect and usually takes a bunch less time

The difference is like the difference in an imaginary task seperating foam peanuts and gravel by sorting them one at a time with your fingers versus simply dumping the bucket into a laundry sink filled with water then scooping the foam peanuts off the top, draining the sink and scooping the gravel out with a shovel.

You can do things either way, but the bigger your HDD the longer it takes to defrag and the more efficient my “Brute force” method gets.