Music on dvd disc

can music be burn on dvd disc (mp3 or wav) and be play on dvd player ?

It really depends on your DVD player, some support MP3 playback some doesn’t.

The basic method, is to use low birate video (eg. Slideshow of cover images, track info etc.) to create a playable DVD, with sound in a suitable format, such as AC3.

It may need a more configurable encoder than in many writing software suites.

yea, cause i burn mp3 file on my dvd disc, and when i played it on my dvd player, it did not work. i know my dvd player is capable of playing mp3 file because i try it before with a cd-r and it work.

The paradox… most “play anything” DVD Players, like the ever-popular “Yamada”, only offer that capability on CD.

The player that can show a CD full of JPG pictures, play a CD full of MP3s, will usually ignore a DVD that’s anything other than DVD-Video or Audio