Music No Longer In Print. OK To Share?

I have some CD’s of local bands I bought many years ago. Since then these small record label(s) went out of business and now these CD’s (songs) are no longer in print. They are even hard, if not impossible, to find used.
I’m just curious, does this make these songs legal to download and share?

I live in the US if that makes a difference

It doesn’t necessarily make it legal.
Copyrights to songs (assuming they are copyrighted still) are protected for 95 years in the US I believe (in Europe it is less (45 or 50 years)…consider the discussion on the first Elvis songs that are free of copyright in Europe soon). So that would make it still illegal to share them in my opinion…

it is still illegal, but if they can see that p2p was the only was the only way of getting the song they may drop it. also, the songs are old and few people bother finding people who share such old songs, but however, strictly speaking its illegal :cop: ben :slight_smile: