Music/MP3 files hanging in WinXP

Just last night, my dedicated video/music file started slowing down and hanging like crazy. :frowning: My file structure is like this: C:\All Music Files. This is where I store all of my video and audio files and I’m using Windows XP Home Edition with SP2 installed. :smiley:

I don’t really know what’s going here, I’m very puzzled actually. :? When I clicked on my

All Music File
it opened just fine. But, then when I clicked on a video or audio file, withing said folder, it went into slow motion, sort of just hanging. I use Windows Media Player to listen to songs and preview video, but it just sat there saying, “Connecting”. But, I also tried to open the files using Real Player, but it did the same thing. :shock: :frowning:

Everything else on my PC is working fine: games, IE and Firefox, Outlook Express, etc. etc. My hard drive has just been defragged, AdAware has just been run, AVG Virus Scan has been run and came up with nothing. If I go into my all music files and click on a subfolder, it usually ends up locking up, and I have to ctl+alt+delete it to shut it down. Pretty freaky problem huh? :?:

Thanks for any help that you are able to offer, Randy

You might try organizing all those files(it sounds like you have a lot) into subfolders.
XP doesn’t like really big folders.
I don’t know why it slowed down all of the sudden though, did you install something or download a big file?

Just a thought. When you click on a file to play, can you open up Task Manager and see if anything is being hoggy?

Otherwise I’d try DarCatti’s advice - all mine (some 33 gigs worth) are stored on another partition, each album in it’s own subfolder. I use QCD to play my music BTW, never had a slowdown problem once.

Also…do you have Explorer set to show Details in the View options? Could be something you’ve added which it’s funny about showing the details of (I view mine in List view).

Interesting. I have 10,500 + MP3s (49.5 gig) on an NTFS external drive. They’re all in one folder and I have never had a hic-cup. I use WinAmp to ‘library’ them and all seems good here.