Music Maker 7 backup

I’m trying to backup Music Maker 7 but one cd is protected and I can’t find out what kind of protection.

If you look at the CD it has a strange color circle at the outer egde. Are these bad sectors? If I make an image it hangs at around 95%.

CD-ROM: Plextor 40x scsi
cd-recorder: plextor 12/4/32 scsi

Does anyone knows how to backup Music Maker 7? Is there a crack available?

I’m using CloneCD and have enabled subchannels (data and audio) and fast error skip on


changed a translation error

use clony xxl to see what protection the disc has
are you using the latest clonecd v4 beta 21?? it should do the trick when you have a supported cdrw drive

I have tried it with v3, but now with 4 beta 21

I’m making an image now and it is taking me now 1:15 hours already :slight_smile: and still busy

do you have fast error skip on???

yes, it is still busy, now more then 2 hours :slight_smile: I hope this image works.