Music labels to sue 4,000 Internet Users

I just posted the article Music labels to sue 4,000 Internet Users.

Well I
haven’t heard much legal action out of Korea but it seems that at least 60
record companies have decided to sue over 4,000 individual file sharers for
distributing music online through…

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not sure whats going on in korea but i think we do need to listen to the song before we take action and go to store and buy the actual CDs. why because on whole CD only contain 1-2 good song and the rest are Crap shits song!! and waste money LOL…agree or not we need to know whats inside the CD other wise we just jump on to iTune and buy individual songs

One of the things that seems to come up a lot is the minimal amount of decent material on an album. I’m guessing that’s done mostly to pad the album out under the “more is betterer” way of thinking. Maybe one of the ways the music industry could get people back (other than stop being a**holes about the whole deal) is to have 4 good songs on an album and some commentary about the songs. 15-20 minutes with the band talking about how the songs came about, issues with making them, dirty secrets, etc. etc. It works for DVDs, and if it’s done without trying to interject a political agenda, it could be entertaining as well. Of course, that would require a mindset shift almost greater than changing the “don’t fix, sue” mindset the industry seems to be stuck in now.

sue 4000 users ? - That I have to see …

Oh please oh great “music labels” Invade our privecy even more,let us all beg to bay the “holy crap” that you sell,and sall all that use mp3 be damned into the eternal live without this great crap you give us…:r

Well. you can think the failed libertarian policies of deregulation for allowing BIG ENTERTAINMENT to imitate the rest of BIG BUSINESS in pursuing corporate frivolous lawsuits for money and not true justice. Thanks for bastardizing the legal system into a for-profit lottery !

I agree with payne, it does hurt the people. Justice is now where the money is at, in the biggest pockets. the ideology goes like this: I have more money; thus, I have more power. Politicians will adhere to my requests, since I am gifted with wealth. The lobby is my goldmine, how I get my way. Politicians are half-way puppets. I am sorry, but that is reality. If anybody disagrees with me, I will pursue legal action with my seemingly infinite supply of dough.:B

4,000 Internet Users stop buying CDs, and never buy CDs ever again…