Music labels target CD ripping

I just posted the article Music labels target CD ripping.

While browsing the latest about copy protections
schemes i came across this article from dated 11/05/01 and as always I am intrigued by the latest schemes.

The band’s label,…

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Ahhh yes, and my boycott continues. I urge you all to boycott all media produced by the RIAA.

Hey who do the think they are, Jive sounds like a name of a ice cream… Sometimes i buy an original PC game, but since the last years none audio cd and i’ve seen many protections (also MediaCloQ 1.0) No prob copying them… :4

Woopi Doo so why not just play it in your home stereo and send it to your soundcard? Quality will suffer a little and it will take longer but in a way it was cracked before it started!

They didn’t get it, Jive sound.

wait a second isnt celebrity n syncs cd? who the fuck wants to listen to that anyway