Music labels' latest anti-piracy trick: Free tunes

I just posted the article Music labels’ latest anti-piracy trick: Free tunes.

Sgams used our newssubmit to tell us that free downloads is the latest method of the recording industry to fight music piracy. The company OD2 has secured the digital streaming rights to 100,000…

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It’s hard to believe that a company would offer free downloads to fight piracy. They are basically giving what they don’t want to happen.

Oh look! What a wonderful gift the empire of Troy has given to us as an offering of peace! :g

Hahhaahha!, they are trying to turn a new stone? It’s like when I was a small kid and got picked on once I got a new toy guess what those bullies wanted to be my friend :4… Industry should know once they begin a war about $$$ casualties and loyalties from end user will suffer.

:slight_smile: free mp3s! wow, erm wait, mp3s are free already and u get them before they come out in the shops!!!, ah well lets look anyhow., ok click here for free downloads, ok CLICK, sign on etc, CLICK ok search, “Sorry, We could not find anything in our database for the search” WOW thanks so muchy for wasting my time u big fat ugly brain dead record executives. They only have talentless fake pop losers:r back to the p2p for good music phew:4

Erm, the downloaded files go straight into WMP and only last for 30 days?