Music iso?

hey guys
ok so i have some cds that i ripped onto my computer a few years ago and i have lost the cds for them. at that point i didnt know about cddb so i didnt put tags on them and i really dont feel like going thru them all and re-tagging them and renaming them…i was wondering is there a way i could make a iso of the music and make daemon tools or alcohol 120% recognize them as an actual AUDIO cd??

anyone have any ideas??

thanx in advance

Sure… get Nero - Burning ROM. Create an “Audio” compilation and load an album of MP3’s into it. Choose “Image Recorder” as your burner, and burn the compilation to an image file. Then mount this file with Daemon Tools and try identifying it through the CDDB.

Of course the image file won’t be an ISO image file, since an audio CD does not use the ISO9660 format. It will be a NRG image file, but it is not a problem for Daemon Tools. :wink:


CDDB won’t reconize home made compilations, so I don’t see the point? If you play the audio CD or use an Emulator there is no differnce or advantage.

well i could manually go and pick out the entry i want couldnt i?..hopefully lol

Well if it’s an album rather than a personal compilation, there’s a reasonable chance that CDDB will recognize it anyway.