Music industry's digital plans 'fail'

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zyvex used our newssubmit to tell us that the music industry’s attempts to replace Napster and other ‘pirate’ services with legitimate music downloads have failed, according to a new report…

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Boycott the RIAA.

I’d like to know if those reports are based in how much song have been downloaded or what songs would have been bought if not available on net. I would not buy everything that I’ve downloaded if I couldn’t get them from net

Music is free everywhere especially on radio and on TV. There are even many channel dedicated to music (MTV, channel V, MusicCountry etc) where pople can request the songs they won’t and see there fav songs all the time. So why should i have to pay for music like the music companies want me to. The onyl album i have bought in about 1 year is the Michael Jackson one, but only because it was Michael Jackson. Other than that i get all my music for free an aint paying JACK for it. There will always be free file-swapping on the net so that’s why these “pay for downloads” will always fail

Everitt : those tv and radio stations DO pay for broadcasting that music, so in this case the people who are watching tv are getting it for free, but the stations are paying for it (someone has to pay the bill) so its not 100% correct what you told:)

Lol everitt you buy michael jackson.