Music industry wins 871 subpoenas against Internet users



I just posted the article Music industry wins 871 subpoenas against Internet users.

tlogank and GristyMcFisty both let us know that U.S. Court Officials have said last Friday that the music industry has won at least 871 federal subpoenas against computer users…

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oh dear, you poor americans :slight_smile:


Let the witch hunt begin! I wonder how many children of senators will have subpoenas issued and then have the cases mysteriously disappear. This is the polizei! Is book burning next? :r


Book burning? Naaa, DVD’s and videos first! I raised some questions when I posted this as to whether when the individuals details are revealed is the IP address and a nickname enough for a prosecution? For example, could the IP address they have be a spoof one? Can they prove that anyone person in the household was responsible for the downloadingsharing? Can they prove that the “nickname” actually is the person they’re after? I mean lets face it the information is a bit vague isn’t it. I reckon with a shit hot lawyer, and a judge that’s truly impartial, each and every prosecution could be thrown out of court, or have so much doubt cast on it that it’s one specific person behind the trading that the RIAA could end up with major egg on their faces. Over to the lawyers now to prove they’re not the useless wastes of space we all think they are…!


Totally agree that there will be problems with “reasonable doubt” in a lot of these cases. Unfortunately, most of them will bever make it to court to test it out. How many regular people do you know who have the time to go to court every day for weeks on end? Most of these lawsuits will result in settlements of ten to twenty thousand USD, because it’s so much easier to do that than to go to court and possibly lose. And you know that if it goes to court, the RIAA will ask for the maximum amount per song in damamges. No one wants to take that risk. Sure, everyone has the right to their day in court, but the reality is, if the RIAA threatens to sue you, you’ll just pay the settlement and never even see a judge. BTW, does anyone know the definition of “extortion”? :frowning:
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There’s 60 million downloaders. If they got 1000 subpoenas a week that’s aprx 52,000 subpoenas a year. So to get to 60,000,000 It would take them 1,154 years to get one on every file sharer. Now how many new file sharers do you think will come along in that time? Also consider in 20 years they still won’t have subpoenas for even 1 percent of them.
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Still got 2 words for the RIAA…haven’t changed :wink:


@chsbiking: nice how you can put this into facts and figures. The big numbers suggest that it’s only a small percentage of the people who get “busted” and that there are numerous others who don’t get caught. It gives the feeling “it won’t happen to me.” Nonetheless, I honestly believe you’re really fucked if it happened to you. What worries me is that the penalties, of $150.000 per song are absolutely unreal. Were they drunk or on dope when they decided “how much shall we ask if someone copies a song? myeah, let’s make it $150.000, why the heck not?” They act as if we are all little Osama’s treathening society or the entire world. There are a lot more crimes that are worse then sharing stupid songs and where you get a cheaper settlement for!


I mean $150.000 and not 0.000 :wink:


ok, 150,000 then, cannot use dots in numbers??


If most of these are average folks…I’m guessing they’ll take bankruptcy, and the RIAA will get nothing. What’ll be a good arguement is how much the value of the songs change from one person to the next…like to see how they explain a $750 charge for one person, yet the next is charged $150,000 for it. Kinda apparent they dont’ know what the value is either.


I’d sure hate to file bankruptcy over downloading a Snoop Doogy dog tune. Especially a 128 k mp3. But that’s what songs they are picking to bust folks on. Plus, they will throw you in jail for it too. Meanwhile OJ Simpson is running the streets. :frowning:


They cant throw you in jail. its a civil proceeding, is it not?


I got the worst luck in the world. If anybody was gonna get caught it’d be me. I’m not trying to say that. What I’m trying to say is that it’s not a solution. It won’t solve the problem. Just in terms of numbers. Yeah people get caught for drugs. People I know, my family members have been arrested for drugs. Over, and over, and over again. But it hasn’t stopped drugs. It never will. At some point we must except defeat, or stop trying what we know doesn’t work and try something else.


It’s both criminal and civil and you can’t file bankruptcy on a judgement. You must pay it or continually make payments or you go to jail.


@GristyMcFisty-I’m no expert on American Law, but I thought that the person who owns the internet account is liable. It’s like if you lend your car to your friend and the car gets a parking ticket. Who has to pay? In the eyes of the law you have to because it’s your car and your responcible for it.
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Id pay them 20 cents a week, thats continually making payments… Im glad I dont live in America


In some cases, subpoenas cite as few as five songs as “representative recordings” of music files available for downloading from these users…not good…not good at all…what if i have almost every mp3 on cd or vinyl: dont i own the purchased version & im in the clear?


“Glad I don’t live in america”…Fer Phark Sake !!! all those who said that stand up so this don’t go over your head… Chances are if your country has signed ANY agreement with usa in the past 12months then relevant sections of the DRMA has been surrepticiously slipped into it…making YOUR legal agencies liable to pursue litigation on behalf of Rsols like RIAA… …be scared…be very scared…:X


THis is B.S the RIAA can’t be smart about making an alternative method to make money so they end up using the easy way out “SUING” for gawd sake its like kicking someone in the ballz in a fight. WEAK very WEAK. :stuck_out_tongue: