Music industry wants royalties from sale of used CD's



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CatPuke and Profile used our newssubmit to tell us that about an article in the SanDiego newspaper reporting that record labels want royalities on the sales of second hand (used)…

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Two words: greedy bastards :frowning:


Two more words: FUCK OFF!! Greedy ass holes. We’ve already given them their comission, from this point on after we’ve given them their commission we can do whatever the hell we want with the CD. It’s ours. I hate companies like this - they have no right to the CD. Dont they get it, we paid for it and it’s ours!! Maybe I should charge them tax on all gas they put in their car too.


That would be like Ford or Chevy getting royalties off of all used cars sold… NO WAY!!!


Those bastards realy or in to pissing EVERYBODY off…wel they can have my contribution in 3 times : NEVER in the past , NOT today and NO WAY IN HELL in the future ! The guy who invented this BULLSHIT should be taken out…out of his stupid unmeaningfull little life…


I do not know anyone who buys new/used CDs, makes backups of them, and then resales them again. That is a very expensive way to ‘steal’ music. The only people this would be hurting are the mom and pop used CD shops and their customers who can’t afford to buy every brand new CD that they’d like. :frowning:


Is this a piss take or what??? If I bought a coat from Marks and Sparks for £40 and they made their profit fair and square and then I decide to sell it on to a mate for £20 does that mean I will have to pay a tax on my profit to the shop I bought it from? And when my mate sells it (providing it’s still clean etc) :wink: do I then get a profit from it or does it go to M&S again?? If the sale amount of a second hand CD is very low anyway then what is 6% going to amount to? This idea is just another way to grab more money before the bottom falls out of their greedy little empire. The sad bastards… How many times have we got to say this…? Show some damned respect - lower the prices - give us some good music and stop treating us to the pop wannabe’s who are just out of nappies and are being exploited for their own stupid bloody naivety. For God’s sake give the world a bloody break… Keep smiling : England are in the Quarter Finals of the World Cup and Brazil or Belgium will fall next. Haway the lads… :4


“One proposed remedy being debated by record label executives is federal legislation…” Seem a little presumptuous? Kind of makes you wonder how many congressmen they have in their pockets.


Fuck them. This is supposed tyo persuade us to do what? Stop piracy because the poor record labels are struggling to survive? Last time i checked there where shit loads of talentless wankers selling milions of cds and if they’re getting rich, the execs sure as hell are too. So guys if your listening, take it from somone who knows, the way to stop piracy is: 1. Make music worth listening to 2. Sell cds at a price that reprasents the cost of making them. ie a fiver.


I hope the Recording industry dies so fast that all those in charge end up poor due to ill preparedness. Fuck them. When one sells a CD they get like 2-3 bucks and the album is subsequently resold at 10 or more if it is popular. I hope the general public is made aware of how fucking greedy the RIAA is :r


If the US constitution does not assert the right of an individual to purchase items, be these physical or contractual (as a license for music), and to sell these items, then it is worth nothing at all. This demonstrates by its farsicallity the greed of the record industry.


The solution to this latest brain child? Stop buying music. Stop giving your $ to people that are only going to use it to buy legislation that steals your freedoms. BOYCOTT THE RIAA. PIRATE ALL YOUR MUSIC!


Sales of used CDs another business the music industry will force underground. What next…a buyer registry…greedy rsols…:7


uh, the music industry can ram it. kthx.


This would be like paying Van Gogh a percentage everytime his painting change hands of ownership, HA, good luck getting this one to pass!


Hehe props to dansmug, because when I read this I first thought “greedy bastards”. Considering the tactics the RIAA. MPAA and other similar ‘associations’ out, it seems they are today’s version of Hitler but in the business world. These greed Nazis should be ashamed of themselves for thinking up master plans to rape the consumer and hide it under a veil of “good and profitable business practices”. Don’t they realize oneday they will piss off the wrong person and consumer terrerists spring up using extreme tactics at fighting back. And I say that in all seriouness.