Music industry tries to increase charges for music downloads

I just posted the article Music industry tries to increase charges for music downloads.

While legal music downloads
are possible in the US and they slowly start getting available in other
countries too, they now plan to increase the charges for downloading songs
on the…

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“I guess that will be the end of legal music downloads and everyone who currently pays for music will now start using illegal filesharing again.” Not if “MicroSoft” has anything to say about that. :r

Er… I thought the generally accepted business model was to increase prices AFTER widespread use of the technology has been adopted. Just one more sign that the recording industry is interested in one thing – getting their almighty dollar RIGHT NOW (dammit).
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It sounds like the RIAA is the worst monopoly since, well ever. At least when MS corners a market they don’t raise their prices 6 months later. Let’s see some monopoly fines laid out here Mr Bush. Oh wait, is the RIAA contribuiting to your campaign? Then nevermind, the RIAA is good. Now please don’t put me in jail for speaking out!

This takes the piss. Long live Suprnova and Azureus!!! As long as P2P exists then RIAA can suck my d*** if they think i’m paying them for any music. :d

StarGhost Agree completely. :g

Yeah Rhelic all “MS” wants to do is this :r
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Wow jef, it sounds like you really don’t like the idea. But that’s the best part, you don’t have to. I don’t see how that compares to the RIAA monopolising the music market and then forcing people to pay incredible prices… Honestly most you folks just look for anything to try and take Microsoft apart for. And in the end most of it is rather pointless like this. So MS is developing a new method for online music distibution… what’s you’re point. Every other company is doing to same thing. Even Walmart. Atleast MS appears to be trying something different that could benefit consumers looking for something different than the standard service.

Their stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Get a more rational way of delivering music to people and now they want to raise the prices. What a bunch of stupid jackasses! It’s only a matter of time before the whole industry keels over. Forget about your decades long engorgement of your wallets jackasses! Time to change or fail.

instead of letting people download singles they should just sell a full cd download for like 5 bucks. Thats a fair price I think. I never want just singles anyway. The way it is now it will cost you more to download a cd that to buy one. Thats is just plain stupid. I for one will never buy another cd that is from the riaa. I might purchase indie label stuff( stoner rock) but never mainstream stuff till the Riaa is gone

Get songs for cheap from: They charge one cent per MB. They are legal too. You get MP3 files that need no licence to be played. :g

The music industry has NEVER liked the idea of music downloads. This is just one more way to try and kill them.

“Who will buy my wares?” “No one.” Next…

Even $ .99 is a little pricey for a song as I would like to see $ .79 and sales that appear now & then for $ .49 for hits or classic tracks. $ 1.25 is either pure greed or an attempt to undermine the whole download industry. Let’s not forget $ 1.25 x 15 songs = $ 18.75 and we live in a world where a decent store charges $ 13.99 - $ 15.99 for a cd. On top of that, the RIAA doesn’t have to pay any of the overhead for the songs, they let companies like Apple buy the servers and bandwidth so the money the RIAA collects, is PURE PROFIT.
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They should shut down all the P2P networks for a few months and i still doubt whether music sales would pick up. This would prove it to the RIAA though.

The RIAA is amazing… You know if are found guilty of a crime, and go to jail, Bubba even gives you a bit of time to adjust before bending you over in the showers pretending to pick up the soap. Guess the RIAA is a bit overzealous.

This is a classic example of someone screwing up a wet dream.

You know the most funny part about all this? The MORONS who run the music business STILL haven’t yet figured out that the online world is a completley different market and mindset and that their predatory, avaricious and non-customer driven mindset simply cannot ever work here because they cannot control it. With every passing day that failure draws them inexorably closer to the same fate as the dinosaurs. "That Mr. Anderson is the sound of inevitability… "

Here comes the greed again. This is how they got in trouble in the first place. Charge more and more for crap music. They were so busy counting their money that technology sneaked up behind them and bit them in the ass. They think they got the problem licked by trying to shut down P2P. But of course by not paying attention to technology, they have no idea about the other ways to download music. The P2P trafiic should pick up again. This is the Jackass Valenti thinking in the music business.