Music industry to sue 41 more people, another 90 people warned

I just posted the article Music industry to sue 41 more people, another 90 people warned.

spacegrass reports us that last Wednesday the
recording industry has said it will be sueing 41 more people for
illegally downloading music via the Internet. Another 90 people were warned of…

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with bully tactics like this, the RIAA would feel right home running muscle for the Mafia:d

Strange how they measure their success in a drop in people using Kazaa and not an increase in music sales.

“The average teen daughter is no longer downloading from Kazaa,” says Jorge Gonzalez, who runs the file-sharing information Web site. “Her mother has been scared by the RIAA.” Her daughter now downloads from FTP, Newsgroups, and mIRC, and hundreds of other places. My they make Kazaa look like it is the only place where file sharing is done?

As we all know, the industry blames online music piracy for a 31% drop in music sales over three years: no just crappy music and now directly attacking individuals instead of fixing the real problem… high priced low quality no talent albums that are pushed out so fast with total disregard if the music is good or not. just trying to get another one out so that it sells and makes money and people are tired of this, tired of being ripped off!

With the trend for music lovers to d/l single tracks (paid or other) and make their own personal albums. Artists and record companies can no longer cobble together an album with one or two new songs and the rest shit fill while still asking top dollar. I now happily await the corporate “signs” that an anachronism like the RIAA and bloated recording companies have reached detonation point by “downsizing”…With the whisper of opposition against the DRMA and other such acts becomming a roar, these companies have had their warning…tis a pity they did not heed it…:X