Music industry sounds off on CD burning

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After the BSA, now also the IFPI (The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry ) has made some numbers public, the BSA did the business software losses, the IFP reports the losses by…

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It’s the same all over again. What about the proffit they make with the 25 cents on a blank CD-R, if you screw it up or use it for own data? Losers! :r

Hey Euphoria You realise that these rsols assume that if you buy blank cd’s then you must be doing something neferious. I would like to see the engine they use to gather and manipulate these figures, I have a hunch that ENGINE is the company accountant defraying company losses due to bad investment…yeh thats right blame the buyers of blank cds…on the other hand I must assume that outfits like RIAA, MIAA and their ilk are suffering losses because they invest in themselves AND NO ONE LIKES THEM…:7

Come to England… no CD-R tax here! CD-Rs from 9p (11c)!

You know, I can see where these guys get their figures from but what pisses me off is their own arrogance toward their own losses. I mean, let’s just say that a proggy like Photoshop costs £300 (and don’t go replying with “I can buy it cheaper than that” crap - the figures I will use are purely imaginative - OK?) and someone like me would love to buy it and start a business off printing good quality photo’s or whatever. What do I look at first? Yes… well done!! The price… Now let’s say it’s £100 out of my range. So, for that £100 that the company charges for that program over my limit can I then say that they have cost me a possible income of £10,000 per year??? Do I then go on to plead with governments, national press and major sofware developers etc saying that they have cost me a bloody good living? NO! Why? Because it’s a stupid argument…!!! They won’t listen and they wouldn’t do anything about it - simply because the average Joe Bloggs in the street doesn’t mean a damn thing to them and never will. If they lowered the prices of their progs and gave folk a genuine chance at something like that above then they would gain a damned sight more respect and the real software rogues making millions would never have the opportunity to make that kind of dosh again. Maybe life is just too simple for these guys and they can’t see past their yachts and palaces. They’ll never learn… Keep smiling : England QUALIFIED!!! Hurrah!! :4 :7

If it were not possible to get copies of programs, I doubt their sales would rise much at all. I’m a typical computer user. I don’t care if OfficeXP is $400 or $40, I really can’t afford it. I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get my PC in the first place. :c But since then I have gained skills and experience from using “unlawfully aquired” products to get jobs in the tech field. Hopefully I’ll be earning enough money soon that I will be able to purchase any software title I desire. At least, that’s my rationalization. :wink: