Music industry slams Australian Internet piracy plea bargain

I just posted the article Music industry slams Australian Internet piracy plea bargain.

Quakester2000 used our news submit to tell us
that the music industry this week accused Australia’s legal system of being
too lenient. The music industry believes that the three defendants…

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This is bull Leave australia to sentence people how they wish. Pirates getting caught will end get more jail time then murders, which is FUKING wrong! “We see this as a sophisticated international massive agreement to rip off copyright - the DPP’s version of it is a lowly street-level offence.” Sofisticated??? all they did was rip and upload… nothing more… givin its illegal, but still… give them a fine and maybe take thier pc’s all that has to be done.:g

no, never allow them to be able to take the hardware. Pay a fine, that should be it.